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Cinderella Pet Rescue
Cinderella Pet Rescue's mission is the prevention of cruelty to animals by providing care and shelter for animals that have been abandoned, rejected, neglected or abused. Its ultimate goal is to find quality forever homes for those animals. Additionally, Cinderella Pet Rescue provides animal rehabilitation, spay/neutering and other needed medical treatment to ensure healthy, active futures for animals.
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Grant description and amount:
To provide better living conditions for neglected and abused animals that have been rescued by CPR. Receiving a grant will allow CPR to continue to improve the habitat for the dogs in our care. 
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House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary
The Sanctuary’s Mission is to provide a “Helping Hand” for senior pets. For our residents, we are able to provide love, affection, and shelter. Many of these dogs receive medical care, such as diagnostic screenings, dental care, surgery, and medications, as needed. For other senior dogs, we provide a “Helping Hand” by getting the word out about their special needs, and encourage others to give them a forever home through our House with a Heart “Sanctuary of Your Own” program.
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Grant description and amount:
Saving Seriously Seniors - we are actively working with rescue partners by using our medical resources to provide special needs or seniors dogs medical treatment who might not otherwise get adopted. Often senior dogs have the most medical needs, and often the treatment is expensive. We have a special program called K-9 Medical Miracles. All of the money donated or raised by grants goes to that fund for rescue partner senior or special needs dogs. As a sanctuary, we do boarding to cover the expense of our forever residents,. This program is our way to help more since our sanctuary is at capacity.
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Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Muttville is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs, aged seven years and older, and to creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice.
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Muttville’s “Seniors for Seniors” program brings older dogs and senior citizens together. Research has shown senior citizens enjoy many psychological and physiological benefits from living with a dog. Both as motivation for exercise and as snuggling companions on the sofa, older dogs make ideal companion animals for senior citizens. Our program makes it easier for seniors to adopt a dog: 1. Providing no-cost adoptions to senior citizens 2. Providing an adoption counselor trained to work with seniors 3. Offering a “Welcome Home” kit of food and helpful home modifications like doggie stairs 4. Making experts, including veterinary staff, always available to answer questions and concerns 5. Providing “peace of mind” that we’ll always take back a dog if the senior is no longer able to care for it. Almost a quarter of Muttville adoptions are with senior citizens.
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Classic Canines
Classic Canines is a 501c3 organization operated by volunteers who help displaced senior dogs (7 yrs and up) that have found their way into Austin area shelters, primarily the Austin Animal Center, the largest open intake municipality-operated no kill shelter in the US.  Our goal is simple,  get them home,  with less stops,  and a more direct path to a loving home, as quickly as possible.  In a celebrated no-kill town like Austin,  healthy and treatable animals can wait as long as needed to be adopted. Without continuous advocacy for senior dogs, many would simply be overlooked in favor of younger dogs. An average Classic will leave the shelter within 25-30 days with our help.
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Grant description and amount:
Provide financial assistance/funding for medical and dental care needs to senior dogs to remove barriers to adoption.
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Lizzy's Hospice House
To provide a home environment to the most vulnerable companion animals in a shelter environment, or who would ultimately end up in a shelter, which are those who are elderly, terminally ill, and homeless.
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Grant description and amount:
Continue standard initial intake veterinary protocol, consisting of bloodwork, heartworm test, vaccinations, overall exam, and teeth cleaning. Then the next step is clean and/or extract most of their teeth, perform heartworm treatment, spay/neuter, and/or tumor removal, and sometimes eye removal.
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Scout's Honor Rescue
Scout's Honor Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization that focuses on rescuing and placing homeless, neglected, or abused dogs in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Scout's Honor is often the last resort fro animals who are left abandoned to die in pounds or on the street.
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Save One More gets one more dog in need of serious medical attention out of the shelter and to our amazing vets and into our rescue where no matter what his or her needs may be, they will always be met.
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