Tali was found tied up in a drug house without food and water.   She overcame numerous obstacles and challenges becoming a gentle and well-adjusted dog that was great with children.

Having ov
ercome nerve sheath tumors, she was diagnosed in January of 2017 with osteo hemangiosarcoma.  She underwent amputation, 6 rounds of doxorubicin chemotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy and a splenectomy.  The biopsy of her spleen revealed the presence of osteosarcoma. Tali succumbed to cancer on June 10, 2017 surrounded by love in our home.

We can't imagine life without you Tali Girl you were the best dog, our inspiration and motivation; truly in a class by yourself.  You brought us so much joy and happiness, a lifetime full of memories and a friend to everyone you met.  We know that your spirit and impact will continue on through your foundation. Thank you for giving us our life’s purpose. We love you Tali, we hope to always make you proud. 



"Big T"

December 31st 2005-

January 28th 2018

 We adopted Bruno March 10th, 2018, just shy of his 4th birthday in April.  Bruno is an American Staffordshire Terrier and was found as a stray in Utah, suffering from neglected skin and a hip condition require double FHO surgeries.  Through extensive testing and working with specialist at Colorado State University, he was diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceus, allergic dermatitis, cyclic flank alopecia and pattern baldness.  Bruno is the definition of not judging a book by its cover.  Despite the stereotypical horribly cropped ears and pit bull physique, you will not meet a bigger teddy bear. Bruno is an instant member of the family as a playmate and best friend to both Buster and Peanut.  He starts everyday raring to go and full of life!


July 3rd, 2018 - May 7th, 2019

                Girl Boss


Our pack is our inspiration to enable groups with programs that benefit senior dogs, those with special needs and dogs rescued from abuse or neglect continue to do their good work.  We have personally been in the trenches; taking in those with the most need to spare much needed funds for others.  We are forever grateful to those of you at ground zero, rescuing theses precious animals from horrible situations and carrying them on to their forever home.  We would not have our own precious pack without the efforts of those like you from the start.  It really does all start with you.

Peanut was our hospice foster on April 26th, 2016 and suffered from severe medical neglect.  Peanut is an American Staffordshire Terrier and was surrendered by her owner covered in tumors and lesions, the largest of which was softball sized, so large it dragged the ground.  The shelter performed a botched surgery that led to severe complications.  The shelter had no treatment plan.  May 1st, 2016 we adopted her and aggressively attacked her medical situation. Diagnosed  with dermal hemangiosarcoma she underwent surgeries to remove her remaining cancerous tumors and chemotherapy.  Summer 2017 she underwent extensive spine surgery and spring 2020 she had knee surgery.  Her zest for life is stronger then ever. Fall 2017, a year post chemo she has been declared cancer free and to live a normal dog life.   Labelled a hospice case, she has shown us the importance of never giving up .

We adopted Landry from the shelter on August 19, 2018  at the age of 16, covered with tumors.  We removed 11 tumors in all, with only 2 being mass cell tumors, completely removed.  He was later diagnosed with  Discospondylitis, an infection of the intervertebral disc space. Through it all he never skipped a beat!

Landry was  an absolute joy; from rolling around doing wiggle worms, to playtime with his toys and even joining in on a game of chase in the yard; you don't make it to 16 without having some spunk! He is as easy going and fun loving as they come!  We are so blessed to have had him.

Landry passed with love in our home on April 11, 2019, just shy of 17 years young.  Landry was a champion toy hoarder and excellent road tripper, earning his international status traveling to Canada at the beginning of the year. 

Landry, it was such a honor to be there for your golden years, we hope we gave you the red carpet ride you so deserved.  We will miss you, run free Uncle Landry.

Booboo Foundation is named after our first rescue Tali (nickname booboo), and was created in honor of our rescue pups Tali, Tamah and Peanut.  Through their care and rehabilitation we realized that there is a need to help groups and shelters fund programs dedicated to the needs of often overlooked senior dogs, those with special needs and dogs rescued from abuse or neglect.

Born December 12th, 2016; Buster is an english bulldog with spina bifida and joined our family August 6th, 2017.  Buster is the life of the party, having never met a stranger, lover of all things in the snow and a champion snorer.  Most dogs born with spina bifida are automatically euthanized.  Through awareness that is changing. Buster and so many others with this neural tube defect prove every day that every life matters and every life deserves a chance. Buster is Peanuts soulmate and truly a blessing. 

Having a genetic predisposition, he had three patellar luxation surgeries, attending weekly physical therapy, laser therapy and hydrotherapy.  He faces his challenges head on with a fighting spirit .

To learn more about canine spina bifida please visit:


We adopted Grumpus September 29th, 2020.  An owner surrender to the shelter for, “being too old.”  He was quickly scooped up by rescue to an amazing foster that handed him off to us days later.  Never skipping a beat he settled right in, “Grumpin” around.  His favorite activities include sleeping and eating!  He represents the common plight of senior pups that end up surrendered to the shelter.  Having a pup is not only a blessing but a lifelong commitment.  It’s an honor and privilege to be here for his golden years, letting him know everyday how much he is loved.   


February 28th 2006-

June 10th 2017

Gidget was born July 3, 2018 to a breeder, breeding exotic mini-bulldogs.  After being sold and returned for inability to potty train, the breeder was advised by their veterinarian to euthanize her because she had a urinary tract infection. Thankfully, a rescue organization was notified and stepped in to save her life and we adopted her January 31, 2019.  She was born with a form of dwarfism called osteochondrodysplasia, stage three kidney disease, spina bifida, a fused tail, and skeletal and muscle weakness in her rear legs. All of these congenital defects are a direct result of inbreeding.  Gidget has a long road ahead, but we know her spunky zest for life will serve her well.  Gidget is a great example of why the public should, “Adopt, Don’t  Shop!”.  The demand for the bulldog breed’s “cute but unhealthy” features leads to breeding programs that produce a high number of deformed and unhealthy dogs in the search for sought after traits like green eyes, tri-color coats, smashed faces and miniature stature. The vast majority of these “defective” dogs are euthanized immediately. Don’t participate in a system that ignores the value of a life!

We had no idea 4 months ago that a little bulldog puppy would come into our life and fill us with so much joy, happiness and love. Always happy, she was up for whatever the day's adventures had in store and would keep us laughing with her unique antics. She came to us with many advanced medical needs. In spite of this, she fought so hard and was so brave. After 6 days in the ICU, and with her kidneys failing, we decided it was time for her to go be with the rest of our family on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge: Tali, Tamah, Tuffy, Max and Landry. She passed at home surrounded by love and her family.

Words can't express how much we love you and wished so desperately that we had more time. We know you touched everyone that you met and were an inspiration to so many. We prayed for a miracle, but realized the miracle was simply having you in our lives for the time that we did. We will miss you, our little "Girl Boss".

Tuffy was a senior with a heart of gold and loved nothing more in life then a big bowl of food and afternoon snuggles.  Owner surrendered, depressed, unable to stand, heartworm positive, and diagnosed with congestive heart failure; he entered into rescue and a loving and restorative foster family.  Under the guidance of our amazing cardiac specialists our little Tuffy thrived, waking up everyday with a spring in his step ready to see where his journey takes him. 

On June 27th, 2017 sudden onset illness caused Tuffy to suffer a pulmonary embolism and he went into cardiac arrest.  He was so brave and fought hard until the end.  His time with us was short but his love and spirit will last forever. He loved love and we miss his snuggles.  He was our special little boy, we love you Tuffy.

In rescue, Tuffy spent his year in foster with untreated heartworm.  Tuffy is the example of the importance of heartworm prevention and early treatment, so that every dog gets a fighting chance. 


                         Our Time

                   January 29th, 2017-

                 September 5th, 2017

​​Frank was born May 6th 2019, the day before our sweet Gidget passed away.  Frank was born with hip dysplasia, bilateral patellar luxations, urinary calculi, 2 locations of butterfly spine, Spina Bifida and mobility impairments. 

In the summer of 2019, Frank become paralyzed in his back legs.  With the help of our amazing neurologist, Frank headed to UC Davis at the beginning of 2020 where he had tethered cord surgery with the renowned canine spina bifida research surgeon, Dr. Beverly Sturges. Post surgery has been intensive rehab including acupuncture, physical therapy, aqua therapy, theraplate and laser. As he advances in his movement Frank's next goal is to tackle bi-lateral knee and hip surgery.  We couldn't be more proud of his determination and spirit! 

We volunteered to help with his transport from California as a breeder surrender.  It became clear after he was safe with his rescue that a bond had formed and we knew Frank was meant to be.  He joined our family July 20th 2019.  Frank became an instant member of the pack, forming a special connection with Peanut.  Frank is all puppy and fearless!  He gets around in his own special way, not letting any obstacle slow him down.  He is best known for his curiosity and CHOMPS!!!

We adopted Max on January 29th, 2017.  He was surrendered to the shelter at the age of 13.  He was a sweet and well behaved little boy, who loved his chew bone and warm bed.  He represented the plight of the senior dog, surrendered to shelters due to age or sickness.  After years of being in a family these dogs find themselves in shelters wondering, “what did I do wrong.”

On September 5th 2017, at the age of 14 Max passed surrounded by love and compassion.  Max is a testament to the love and joy of adopting a senior dog, no matter how long or short their time.  He was the sweetest little boy, so kind and gentle.  It was an honor having him be a part of our family. 

Adopting a senior gives a second chance at life.  Seniors come with years of experience and require nothing more than the simple pleasures of life.  With so much love to give, there is great privilege and honor in being there for their golden years. 

Rescue to safety, rehabilitate to their forever home; 'till all are healed.


                             Forever Home

                         March 12th, 2017-

                           June 27th, 2017


    "Uncle Landry"

August 19, 2002 to

   April 11, 2019

We adopted Tamah on December 31st, 2011.  Having come from a police seizure she had been horribly abused, with a broken femur and restriction of her mouth that resulted in severe damage to her teeth and gums.  She came to us late in life and opened our eyes not only to the needs of the abused but the challenges of senior dogs.  She underwent multiple procedures including stem cell therapy, spinal surgery and acupuncture in attempts to maintain her mobility. 

Tamah spent the first part of her life in abuse and neglect.  She lived her second half participating in life and full of love.  Her emotional scars ran deep and she faced a lifetime of medical issues as a result of her abuse that as a team, we fought hard against.  On January 28th, 2018 at the age of 13, Tamah passed from histiocytic sarcoma an aggressive cancer in her lungs, surrounded by love in our home.

We will miss your snuggles, Tamah, and your enthusiasm for life.  She learned to love and trust again and was eager to ask for that from everyone she met.  She loved going places and experiencing new adventures.  She taught us the importance of resiliency and blossomed into a loveable teddy bear.

Adopting a dog from an abusive past is an opportunity for true compassion, creating an everlasting bond.  There is great reward and honor in watching a dog grow and flourish as they move forward from knowing abuse to knowing love.  We love you Tamah, you will always be our Big T.